There Are At Least 6 Causes of Difficult Defecation

The cause of constipation is often difficult to know with certainty. However, in general there are several factors that can cause constipation or difficult bowel movements, including poor diet, pregnancy, delaying bowel movements, the influence of drugs, or due to certain health conditions. Constipation or constipation, in medical language called constipation, occurs when the frequency of bowel movements decreases. Actually the frequency of bowel movements can vary from person to person. There is no standard as to how many times you normally defecate in a day or a week. However, it is usually not defecating for more than three days or the frequency of defecating less than three times a week can be considered difficult bowel movements. This is because after three days, the stool structure becomes harder and harder to remove. Various Causes of Difficult Defecation Then what are the conditions that are generally the cause of constipation? Lifestyle influences Unhealthy eating pa
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